Margaret Byrd Rawson 

Margaret Interviewed by Alice Koontz, October 1982


The mission of the Margaret Byrd Rawson Institute (MBRI) is to ensure that all children have access to an education that best serves their learning styles and individual needs. MBRI was established in 2001 by a small group of supporters from Frederick, Maryland. MBRI is a non-profit organization that provides community outreach and teacher training in dyslexia education. The Institute is dedicated to the advancement of education for all children, their parents, their teachers, and the local, regional, national, and global education community.

We need knowledge and experience for understanding, training and practice for mastery, and a spirit of empathy suffusing it all.

~Margaret Byrd Rawson

The MBRI is named for the late Margaret Byrd Rawson (1899 – 2001), a world-renowned pioneer, educator and leader in the field of dyslexia education. The MBRI provides ongoing parent and teacher training, scholarships, and community outreach.

No dyslexic child need fail because of their dyslexia. With appropriate education there is a way out. ~Margaret Byrd Rawson

The Margaret Byrd Rawson Institute is a dynamic organization dedicated to advancements in the education of all children and their teachers.

The differences are personal. The diagnosis is clinical. The treatment is educational. The understanding is scientific.

~Margaret Byrd Rawson and Roger Saunders

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