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Hello Friends,

My name is Teresa May, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Margaret Byrd Rawson Institute dedicated to improving global literacy (www.mbri.org). We are reaching out to you in support of another fantastic nonprofit organization, Leadership Initiatives, and we are so excited to share information with you about their upcoming 2018 Future Leaders Mentorship Scholarship  opportunity for high school students to attend their 2018 Youth Development Program Summits hosted by Georgetown University in Washington DC this summer. Space is filling up now so encourage your students to apply today. Openings are still available, so encourage your students to apply today!

Leadership Initiatives is dedicated to creating future leaders across the globe through experiential learning. Their sponsors include Microsoft’s Youthspark program, the Starbucks Foundation, GlobalGiving, the International Youth Foundation, TestRocker, and the Future First Foundation. To ensure that all students have access to this incredible summer experience, they currently have over $500,000 to put towards their Future Leaders Mentorship Scholarship program.

The Margaret Byrd Rawson Institute’s goal is to reach out to our vast network of educators, schools, and nonprofit organizations to help Leadership Initiatives find current 9th through 12th grade students (includes recent 8th and 12th grade graduates) who are creative and innovative critical thinkers that can address the problems facing the world today. They are looking for students who are motivated and inspired to make a difference in the world. So, it is my honor to ask you to nominate and directly contact any students who you think would be interested in gaining real-world experience and exploring future career and college interests while developing their leadership skills!

Depending on your student’s interest, participants will have internships with businesses in the developing world, work on upcoming impending court cases, or partner with doctors to diagnose patients in sub-Saharan Africa.

Future Leaders Mentorship Scholarship grant recipients attending one of the Georgetown Internship Summits will experience an unparalleled mentorship program, one-on-one college application assistance from top admissions experts, and an additional $1,000 tuition assistance grant by using the code, “MBRI” while filling out the online application. In addition, they will receive unlimited college essays and scholarship assistance with applications professionally reviewed by partners at University Initiatives.

Potential mentors include leaders from Sysco Systems, PNC Bank, Exxon, NASA, The US Department of State, doctors from Georgetown, Johns Hopkins and George Washington Hospitals, the Secret Service, Homeland Security, US Pentagon, the National Institute of Health, NFL sports trainers, Microsoft, the World Bank, Top US Embassy Officials, Capitol Hill, USAID, FBI, ACLU, the Peace Corp and more. Over the course of 12 months, these mentors work with students to help navigate the way to their future colleges and careers by conducting mentorship calls. Each scholarship recipient is entitled to six separate mentorship calls which can be from one mentor or multiple mentors from varied fields.

When signing up for the program please use the following code: “MBRI” at https://bethechangenow.org/enroll/ to receive your additional $1,000 Future Leaders Mentorship Scholarship.

Summit dates with links are listed below:

The Advanced Law and Trial Internship Summit (June 24th – June 30th or July 15th – July 21st): A first-of-its-kind program that pairs motivated high school students with real attorneys and clients on cases of national importance for hands-on legal experience. In this invitation-only accelerated internship, students will spend seven days working on witness preparation for either a federal fraud investigation or researching discovery and trial strategy for a case involving gender discrimination against female government employees.  These cases contain highly confidential information and will require nondisclosure agreements from students and parents. With the fraud trial scheduled to begin on July 24th be sure to register today!

Throughout this internship, student teams will connect with top law professors and leading attorneys about the cases, sift through legal documents, review evidence, and help prepare the client for trial. On the final day, students who have researched the fraud case will do a mock cross-examination to prepare their client for witness testimony before the nationally publicized case in July. Students focusing on the sexual discrimination case will present case law precedent and strategies for trial to the client and attorney. Students will receive letters of recommendation from the lead attorney trying the cases and may have their ideas implemented.

International Leadership & Business Internship Summit (July 8th – July 14th): Participants will partner with Nigerian small business owners to help them create innovative solutions to problems facing their businesses. At the end of the week, top presentations will receive grants to make their solutions a reality for their business partner.

Advanced Medical & Public Health Summit (July 22nd – July 28th or July 29th – August 4th): Participants will learn about the top 6 diseases facing the developing world from Doctors Without Borders and will diagnose a patient in real-time using Oculus-Rift technology. Medical students will also work with the Red Cross to become certified in First Aid, CPR, and AED and partner with a cadre of experts in surgery, medical research, emergency room medicine and physical therapy.

In addition to gaining real-life experience in their respective fields, students attending the Leadership Initiatives Youth Development Programs will explore the beautiful and diverse city of Washington, D.C. This will include tours of:

  • International Embassies,
  • The State Department,
  • The US Capitol,
  • The Supreme Court of the United States,
  • Georgetown University Hospital,
  • Georgetown University Law School,
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital,
  • The Center for Disease Control,
  • The Red Cross Headquarters,
  • The Pentagon,
  • The FBI Headquarters,
  • Various Smithsonian museums and many other iconic places.

Leadership Initiatives has successfully run summer development programs at Georgetown, Harvard, UCLA, Stanford, The University of Chicago and Emory. We are happy to connect you with past students, parents, business partners and board members as references on our past work and the impact it can have on assisting students to achieve their university and career goals. You can see a list of parents and students whom you can contact today, here.

Leadership Initiatives is offering webinars every Sunday at 8pm EST to introduce their program that you can view with your family.  To sign up for the webinar, please visit www.bethechangenow.org/webinar.

Please note, several aspects of this program are fully funded by supporting sponsors. The program in total costs $5,550 per student, which includes housing, food, guest speaker fees, classroom rental, and travel once at Georgetown for any student attending the program. The scholarship provided by the code, “MBRI” covers an additional $1,000 off the program (so be sure to use it) and each student will receive over $2,000 worth of educational assistance through SAT/ACT training, and college and scholarship application assistance. The remaining total cost each student must individually pay varies by program:  $1,200 (if selecting the Law program), $1,850 (if selecting the Business program) or $2,250 (if selecting the Medical program).

To ensure all interested students can attend, Leadership Initiatives is offering additional scholarship assistance for families with financial need and have a $500,000 endowment for no-interest payment plans for up to one year from the programs start. You can see a program schedule here with a comparison chart to compare their program cost and educational opportunities to other for-profit summer programs. Also, suggestions will be made on how interested students can fundraise to support their unique learning experience!

Feel free to contact me personally or Marshall Bailly, Executive Director of Leadership Initiatives, with questions you, your students, or their parents may have by phone, email or Skype. Marshall Bailly’s email is mbailly@lichange.org direct phone line is 202-738-1115, feel free to contact him or set up a meeting at www.LIMeetings.org. More information on all of the programs can be found at www.BeTheChangeNow.org.

Warm Regards,

Teresa May, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Margaret Byrd Rawson Institute

122 East Patrick Street #106

Frederick, Maryland 21701

(p) 240-626-6446





For More Information Directly Contact:

Marshall Bailly II
Executive Director
Leadership Initiatives
4410 Massachusetts Ave., NW #236
Washington, DC  20016
(p) 202-738-1115   (f) 202-280-1221

Note: Leadership Initiatives is a registered 501(c)(3) Nonprofit that has been fully vetted by GlobalGiving and has received their “Superstar” rating. Leadership Initiatives has also received “Goldstar” status from Guidestar, “Top Nonprofit” status from Great Nonprofits, and was awarded Georgetown University’s coveted Outstanding Community Partner award from their Center For Social Justice.